What women don't want....stress to affect their looks!

  • By Team TDO

The modern woman has a lot more to contend with than ever before. You see her managing home, work, Kitchen, children, husband, everything with the expertise of a juggler. And, it is not an easy task by any stretch of imagination. So one can then well imagine the levels of stress that she has to deal with every single day? Studies now indicate that stress takes a huge toll on a woman's emotional, mental and physical health! Though it is commendable the way you, the new age woman are handling your life and career, don't ignore the fact that there could be trouble waiting around the corner. And yes! Just as the other things that you do well, we are sure you will be able to bust stress too. Just thought we'd tell you how stress can get to you and where.

To help you cope with stress the body releases a hormone called 'Cortisol' which increases the energy levels temporarily to help you deal with the psychological pressures that keep building up. This happens in men too, but the way the female body reacts to this constant energy spikes is different. It can hamper you in the following ways:

Acne Breakouts & Skin Trouble

Cortisol makes the oil glands go awry and this can lead to an acne assault (Indeed, the last thing you'd want right now.) This can some what ruin the oil balance in the skin thus making your skin lose its normal sheen and glow.

Hair Loss

You don't have to wait to tear your hair out, stress will do that anyway! This is what happens when you are all stressed - up and have no where to go! Stressors affect hair growth and sap the natural nutrients, which would have nourished your scalp. These nutrients will now not do their job properly as they are all burnt up in fussing, hurrying & worrying. So, if you don't watch out, you're going to have a "Bad Hair Day" on a regular basis.

Digestion Trouble

Stress can build up stomach acid which will then give you poor digestion and cause other problems like halitosis, stomach ache, constipation and a spate of other problems.There is really no point in hearing stuff about yourself like: "Oh Jenny, she is simply brilliant and, ahem, a wee bit flatulent too!" Stress is going to aim for your stomach if you let it.


You probably worry excessively about everything that worth worrying! How are the kids going to cope with you having to attend this big conference? Hundreds of these little what-ifs nag you while you go to sleep. The result is an over active brain which is gearing up for battle rather than getting some shut-eye! This means your body now has a back log of rest to catch up on and not doing that can cause serious dark circles under the eyes plus you will have that swollen eyed look which will make you snap and snarl at your colleagues and cause more misery and stress.

Weight Gain

Stress can lead to abnormal sugar cravings which can lead to increase in weight. The effect of a burn out can result in severe depression and mood swings due to which you might feel lethargic and, thus, be a couch potato. This domino effect will result in weight gain. Another reason for weight gain is decreased metabolic rate due to acute and chronic stress.

These are just some of the things that can affect women. There are plenty of other conditions which can be both mentally and physical distressful for the new age woman. Perhaps the greatest challenge is in working your way around stress to be a more successful you.