Think of yoga for a healthy body and mind

  • By Team TDO

Today, women have empowered themselves like never before. Due to immense pressure in making lifestyle and career choices, they are also prone to improper eating habits, disturbed sleep patterns and disruptive relationships, which can easily lead to chronic and debilitating health conditions like blood pressure, menstrual irregularities, early menopause, heart attack & diabetes. Yoga is the magic remedy for all that ails the new age woman.

Yoga, which is a system of holding physical poses and breathing exercises, is a complete solution for mental & physical fitness. Regular practice of yogasanas can keep depression and a long list of mental conditions away.

Through sound mental fitness, consequently, women are more likely to enjoy good physical health, as most mental conditions have repercussions on physical well being.

How does yoga benefit women?

  1. Yoga develops core fitness in both men and women.
  2. Practitioners develop a strong sense of bonding with others. So, yoga facilitates relationships.
  3. It promotes flexibility and strengthens internal organs, which is so essential for women at all stages, especially in childbirth and after menopause. It helps to deal with those premenstrual and menopausal blues.
  4. It helps reduce stress, a tension which ultimately prevents diseases like high blood pressure and heart attack.
  5. It improves concentration and helps to acquire the right posture, body balance and awareness.
  6. Yoga can help in curing mental conditions like depression, bipolar disorder, phobias and anxiety.
  7. Yoga benefits the musculoskeletal system, endocrinal, nervous, sympathetic, parasympathetic and reproductive systems.