Wear it the right way- wearing bra wrongly can lead to serious problems

  • By Dr. Neha Agrawal

Most women are not wearing their bra correctly. This could cause them some serious health implications. Find out if you are one of them.

The bra may not fit properly, probably it is too loose or too tight, the fabric may be harsh for your skin, or probably you are wearing it too less or too much.

Take care of your health and wear your lingerie in the correct way.

Some common problems reported by women have been found to be because of wearing the bra wrongly. These are:

  1. Skin trouble: You may develop redness, itching, pressure marks around the bra line. A bra too tight can harm your skin and cause irritation to the breasts. They develop itchy rashes and may also hurt from the pressure. The fabric plays an important role too. If the fabric is rough and hard, it creates a friction injury to skin. It may even lead to abrasions, boils and infection because of repeated trauma.
  2. Muscle pains: Several women complain of pains and aches – around the shoulders, the neck, the back and arms, sometimes extending to the head. Continued pain around the back and neck could cause tension around the cervical spine. Low back pain, headache, stiffness in shoulders are some of the common symptoms.
  3. Inadequate support: The purpose of this garment is to provide support to the breast tissue. Wearing a heavily padded bra or a bra too tight defeats this purpose. Not only is the support inadequate, there is further pressure on the chest and back muscles. The breast size changes with time, from puberty to old age. You cannot be wearing the same type and size as you did ten years ago. Even during temporary phases like pregnancy and menstrual periods, there is change in breast size. Try wearing a more comfortable and soft bra during your menstrual cycle and you will notice the difference.
  4. Aggravates your acidity: If you already have the problem of acid reflux and heartburn, tight bras will only worsen it. This happens because of the pressure on the chest and around the diaphragm. Even breathing feels constricted.

Most of us don’t notice something is really wrong because we have gotten used to the discomfort. We fail to recognize how a simple change in bra type will make our life much easier.