Wellness: A journey not a destination

  • By Team TDO

Wellness is therefore a state of good health in various aspects of human life- the physical, the mental, the spiritual, the social and the sexual. Women in these times do have a lot more on their plate than at any time in the history of womankind.

After all, one could well argue which human being is completely fit or healthy throughout his life? Valid! But then isn’t all human activity directed towards attaining or maintaining one form of wellness or the other? It is all about going towards that equilibrium; from imperfection to a state of perfection. And what type of wellness we seek much depends on our inherent mental and physical disposition, predilection, circumstances and a spate of other factors which are responsible for the choices that make.

Needless to say whether it’s a man or a woman, wellness begins at the most basic tangible physical level where the oft repeated adage “Health is wealth” holds uncannily true.

More often women in a reasonably good state of physical health do nothing to maintain it that way and concentrate on other types of well-being (social success, sexual conquest, domestic bliss or financial rewards etc.) and then suddenly the carpet gets whisked from under their feet when something goes wrong with their bodies- breast cancer, post-menopausal depression, uterine cancer etc.

God forbid that this should happen to you but then it well within the realm of probability right? Especially for those doing nothing to maintain their bodies? Then the entire focus changes towards regaining physical health and vigour, ditto for mental health. A mind free of anxiety, depression and any major mental illnesses is the ideal mind to possess.

That again depends entire on a lot on the physical state of the brain and basic physical health. So mostly, physical and mental health to a large extent is co-dependent. So take the two as major ingredients for wellness and one can easily try to attain the rest with more ease.

Of course wellness isn’t something that you achieve once or twice and then let go. It is something which is to be maintained and nurtured throughout one’s life. The modern woman faces a spate of challenges at home and career. So to attain a more than moderate level of success in your endeavours it is imperative to have both physical and mental health on your side.