I have been having thick/chunky white discharge from my vaginal area. My doctor has tested me for HIV's, AIDS, yeast infections, bacterial inflections; and the tests all come back negative. This problem didn't start occurring until a few years ago; it started out mild with clear discharge, then it became more frequent and eventually the discharge and the area around my vaginal hole were white, and even sexual intercourse hurts now. I have stopped taking all forms of birth control and even am not sexually active now but my doctor still hasn't been able to stop this and I have also been given many medications over the past couple years to treat this and nothing works, seems to keep getting worse. Do you have any idea what could be going wrong with me?
  • By Team TDO

As the discharge has become thick and is white in color, it may be an infection other than yeast. Other possible causes of infection includes bacterial vaginosis caused due to infection with a bacteria, trichomoniasis, a type of parasitic infection. This may be related with diabetes or PID- pelvic inflammatory diseases in which vaginal discharge is seen sometimes. Inflammation of the vaginal wall may also cause the same. This needs thorough examination with investigations like pap smear to rule out malignancy.