Is it normal to leak from your vagina?
  • By Team TDO

Vagina, a female genital organ, has many glands in it's walls. It is a muscular, hollow and cylindrical passage to allow menstrual blood flow out of body, sexual intercourse and a childbirth. Often a women can notice variable amount of Vaginal discharge during her menstrual cycle. Vaginal discharge can be normal or abnormal. Normal vaginal discharge other than menstrual blood is due to normal secretion of glands located in walls of vagina and at cervical opening. These secretions are there to maintain pH of vagina, to keep it moist, to give proper environment to normal bacterias that grow in vagina, and they collectively form normal vaginal discharge, which is white, milky white, or slightly yellowish in color, free from any odor, thin or curd like in consistency and does not give any discomfort other than wet feeling. Normal vaginal discharge is very common during reproductive age of a female and this need not to be treated. Normal vaginal discharge naturally increases at the time of sexual arousal and intercourse, to make it more easier. But if there is any color change, any fishy or filthy odour out of it, or it give discomfort like itching, burning, soreness, etc, then this should be considered as abnormal vaginal discharge and should be evaluated further for the cause.